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MacWave is a complete Parts and Service store for your out of warranty Apple Mac. We specialise in advanced repairs for MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini and iMacs at individual and corporate levels.


MacWave was founded in 2012 with a focus on providing Mac spare parts and professional technical service to Mac techno-trades (Mac repair businesses) in Cape Town, South Africa.

In 2015, MacWave evolved to serve the public including Mac friendly small businesses, tertiary institutions and home users nationwide (South Africa).

MacWave is not an official Apple partner, however, we’ve always enjoyed a good relationship with them, their partners and their out of warranty clients and will continue to do so.

MacWave is not a large chain technical service business, but we do believe in building long-term relationships. We are fully committed to providing efficient, timely and friendly customer service and the highest possible level of technical expertise to each of our customers – be it individual client or business.

At MacWave, we believe that only a sophisticated team of specialists should be trusted to handle your valuable asset (Mac computer). We demand our team to engage in consistent provision of outstanding service from the lowest level to the top.

Where are we today?
Today we collect and deliver nationally to individual and corporate door steps courtesy of our contracted couriers on an overnight express basis while offering same day collections and deliveries with in Cape Town.
MacWave has grown into a large venture delivering one of the industry’s most advanced portfolios in Mac computer circuitry, providing a ground-breaking expertise and extensive circuit engineering experience while partnering with parts manufacturers in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and California to ensure the continued supply of genuine quality replacement parts to the mutual benefit of all stakeholders.

What is our mission?
Developing and assembling a group of technocrats with well-established technical infrastructures to match the ever evolving computers circuit engineering industry.

What is our aim & goals?

To become the partner of choice for our clients, and a company whose staff are proud to be an integral part of with prospects of covering South Africa and the African continent.

Official Benefits of dealing with MacWave

Free life time Mac support and Mac technical check-up (diagnostics) for all existing clients

  • 1 Year warranty on all repairs except Graphics and Water damage related
  • Qualified Mac circuit engineers and experienced service team
  • Same day service for most repairs including logic board repairs.
  • Affordable repairs and Quality Parts
  • Free collection and delivery countrywide for repairs
  • Highly effective technical TQM Policies and Standards


We specialise in advanced repairs for MacBooks, MacBook Pro, Macbook Air, Mac Mini and iMacs


We technically excel in Logic board circuit repairs registering high success rates up to 90%

Part Store

We are equipped with technical parts and tools ensuring time efficiency and quality delivery.

Skilled Team

We believe that only a sophisticated team of specialists should be trusted to handle your valuable asset


We offer pick Up and Drop off services for our clients with in the western Cape and courier for other areas.


We have 3 modes of payments, Cash in Advance, Cash on delivery 7days and 30days Statement accounts.

  • Hardware Replacement 99% 99%
  • circuit / Logic Board repairs 95% 95%
  • Basic software support & data 96% 96%
  • LCD and screen Glass repair 99% 99%

The logic board is your Mac’s motherboard. It houses all the main components of the machine and their interconnects. Symptoms of a logic board fault can be wide ranging depending on what component(s) have issues, and the seriousness can vary from something as minor as a dead USB port, to a totally non-functional machine.

This is about the most common question we get asked. The answer can sometimes be complicated, but by experience it is most likely to stem from one of the below issues.

RAM ‘Memory’)
As time goes on newer applications and Operating Systems have greater system requirements. As such a machine that is a few years old, running modern software, will feel much slower than it did when new. Granted a percentage of this will be from the aging processor, but it is often due to the amount of RAM (Random Access Memory) which is installed in your computer.

Hard Drive (‘Storage’)
Other than RAM the main cause of slow downs is the internal hard drive. Hard drives degrade in performance over time, and can also get filled up to the point where it hinders normal operation. In the office analogy above, you can imagine what happens if there isn’t enough space in the filing cabinet to hold all the things you need to swap out from your Mac – you might need to make two or more trips juggling your inadequate free space.

Battery replacement

Free Battery Installations!!

Free battery replacement service for models 2006 - 2015. 

R499  Installation for Models 2016 - 2020

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